28 Apr 2012

Switching to VIMRepress

I’ve been looking for a way to lower the friction involved in blogging. Since I’m spending much of my free time on the commandline, I looked for a VIM solution. The plugin is called VimRepress and it allows you to revise, edit and post blog postings in VIM! The installation process was simple using ‘pathogen’: just a git clone of the repository into my ~/.vim/bundle, install the python-markdown module, and add a few configuration & authorization lines to my ~/.vimrc.

Add the following to your ~/.vimrc let g:vimrepress\_tags\_completable = 'true' let VIMPRESS=[{'username':'BLOG\_USER', 'password':'SECRET', 'blog\_url':'http://blog.xargs.io/'}] Now open up VIM and the blog commands start with :Blog[List, New, etc]. Source and Thanks to : Conner McD