02 Nov 2022

One hour on blog post and two hours fixing blog builds


I spent one hour tonight writing a new blog post about storage and then my 9 month idle blog

  1. Refused to build from md to html
  2. Couldn’t compile node-gyp with dependency on EOL’d python2
  3. Debugging alpine build depdencencies for node-gyp
  4. Had webpack v1 issues on M1 apple silicon
  5. I refused to upgrade and stay on webpack
  6. Which led to me switching to esbuild for js
  7. Then I needed a custom plugin for esbuild sass
  8. Finally I learned how to execute node in yarn’s package context

Entropy rules everything around me and this is after setting up CI, pinning versions, and using a static site generator for my blog.

I had to sleep on the issue and debug it with fresh eyes… it took 2.5 hrs of debugging and that speed of tool rot makes me consider reducing blog to even more basic form for improved longevity.