09 Sep 2011

OpenEMR 4.0 Ubuntu-Debian Package Installation - Oemr

OpenEMR 4.0 Ubuntu-Debian Package Installation - Oemr.   OpenEMR looks like a nice way to limit physician costs as re-imbursements shrink. Hearing lead Physician on the project, it’s good stuff.  By far the most techie talk I’ve attended #OhioLinuxFest Very easy install, dpkg -i openXXXXX.deb Followed by an apt-get -f install to clean up a missing dependency. < 2 min from starting wget to finishing install & logging onto http://localhost/openemr.

05 Sep 2011

FOSS T-Shirt Design

Here’s an open-source T-Shirt design I created for the upcoming Ohio Linux Fest 2011 in Columbus, OH: [gallery link=“file”] If anyone wants a copy of the svg file for these drop me a comment. Looking forward to the LinFest