23 Dec 2012

Ruby Off The Rails - Ep. 1 -- Zero to Ruby -- Pt. 1

Ruby Off The Rails is a new series of screencasts that I will be publishing. The first cluster of videos will address the problem of getting started with Ruby development by using a virtual installation of Ubuntu Linux running inside Virtualbox. It’s simpler than it sounds and it preserves the integrity of your everyday system. Here’s the first installment, enjoy! (I recommend opening the video for fullscreen display to better view the text)

Ruby Off the Rails - Ep. 1 - Zero to Ruby - Part 1 from ZPH on Vimeo.

Commands from Ep. 1

20 Feb 2012

Fixing 'Disk Not Found' Error in Grub after apt-get upgrade

One of my development virtual machines went belly up after a recent system upgrade. After tinkering around at the grub> prompt to no avail, I booted a LiveCD, followed the instructions here: http://sazeit.com/articles/repair-or-reinstall-grub-with-boot-repair, and was up and running in minutes. Moral of the story; sometimes it’s more important to solve the problem than understand the underlying issues…not often, but sometimes :).

23 Sep 2011

OpenEMR Virtual Appliance

Noticed this today when checking my Google Analytics…. seems Civet blog is showing up from people searching for OpenEMR info. There’s a nice project available for anyone who would like to try out the OpenEMR system.  One of the project team members keeps an up to date virtual appliance ready to run in VMWare (or presumably imported and used in VirtualBox also). Nice way to try things out before implementing your own installation. Note: for security reasons it isn’t advisable to run the virtual appliance as a true deployment.  It’s easy to safely and securely deploy this via my previous blog post that describes the simple steps for installation in Debian/Ubuntu. Source link : http://www.bradymd.com/appliance/downloads.shtml