26 Nov 2021

Neovim+Vscode fix nargs bug

VSCode+Neovim wasn’t working for me today and I took the time to debug and find the patched issue.

When starting VSCode with Neovim plugin, my VSCode displayed an error code:

line   34:
E1208: -complete used without -nargs
line   10:
E1208: -complete used without -nargs

Which led me to first finding an bug report in vim-ripgrep and I assumed the problem was in vim-ack due to similarity of purpose.

I removed that plugin from my plugged directory and restarted VSCode, but not luck.

Next I discovered a vscode-neovim bug and manually patched the two files per diff:

# Note prefix directory will depend on your choice of nvim
# package manager. I'm using plug.

VSCode worked on the next start and once a new release of vscode-neovim is released, it will auto-update 😊.