04 Jul 2012

Installing JungleDisk on Mint 13 (12.04)

I’m setting up a home server (which will be a blog post for a later date).

But in the process of setting up Amazon S3 backups, I was installing JungleDisk. This allows mounting of a remote S3 bucket as if it were a local drive.

After installing, I received the following error stating that it could not find ’libnotify.so.1’. I used the locate command to find libnotify (currently libnotify.so.4) and used symlinked it into place. sudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86\_64-linux-gnu/libnotify.so.4 /usr/lib/x86\_64-linux-gnu/libnotify.so.1

After the symlink everything started up correctly :).

Btw, server is a quad core AMD (Phenom), 12 GB RAM, plenty of storage, SSD for boot drive, spinner platters for storage… and ZFS =D.