Hire Me!

I’m VERY happily employed full time but I’ll consider the right side projects if I have availability and we’re a good fit. I often schedule freelancing work one to two months in advance.

Full-time work

I work remotely and prefer limited travel in US or nearby timezone (in the range of monthly to quarterly).

I’m not looking for opportunities since I have a good fit in my current role and other possibilities available.

But if you have something exceptional where I can work on hard problems, blend technology and product vision, raise and mentor software engineers, pair program with talented and empathetic individuals and guide companies and individuals towards success: email me.


Read About Me and shoot me an email about the project goals or problems.

I’m interested to hear about your project :) and I look forward to setting up a video call to discuss it further. These engagements take different forms depending on the objectives, from short one off blocks of hours to more ongoing relationships.

Current interests:

  • Solving problems, with people as a technical leader or as a software engineer.
  • Building engineering teams that are communicative, smart and caring to give businesses a competitive edge.
  • Helping companies transition off of Mongo, without downtime or business disruption. If mongo’s no longer the right choice and you need a seamless transition, let’s talk!

Prior Success:

I’ve successfully and happily delivered the following and could leverage these talents for you:

  • Shifted engineering culture to become positive, productive, proficient and autonomous.
  • Transitioned codebases languages or databases due to technical, business or hiring constraints.
  • Built remote engineering teams with positive team culture, technical skill and respect.
  • Reduced Engineering onboarding time-to-first-commit from 2 weeks to 1 day.
  • Architectural guidance and proficiency in various technologies
  • Implementing and standardization of development environments, staging and production across AWS, GKE, CI, using EC2, Kubernetes, Docker and Bash. This automation pays off massively as teams scale.
  • Guided security standards, guidelines and training utilizing ssh bastion hosts, Oauth2 proxies, MFA.
  • Made security easy for development teams using aws-vault, chamber, aws secret storage and IAM policies.
  • Created Moresql and implemented realtime Mongo -> PostgreSQL streaming in production as a strategy to ingest the data for business intelligence. In another situation this was the backbone we used to successfully and seamlessly, without downtime, move off of Mongo onto PostgreSQL.